ep in brief

+ work + 

Founder, Giant Order, San Francisco, 2016

Principal and Partner, SITELAB, San Francisco, 2012-2015

Urban Designer, Project Manager, SMWM, San Francisco, 2005-07

Urban Planner, The Cecil Group, Boston, 2001-03


+ education +

Master of Architecture, UC Berkeley CED, 2011

Master of Architectural History, UVA, 2005

Bachelor of Arts, Harvard, 1999


+ awards + 

JK Branner Traveling Fellowship, UC Berkeley CED, 2010

Frederick Sheldon Traveling Fellowship, Harvard, 2000


+ teaching + 

Design critic — UCB, SJSU, CCA, 2007-12

instructor — UC Berkeley CED, 2009 and 2011

Guest lecturer — CCA, Anshen + Allen Studio, 2006

teaching assistant — MIT DUSP, 2003

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Eleanor Pries pursues the idea that a building is part of a system.

+ informed by cities, art, landscapes, geologies, materials, stories  

+ advances a broad conception of architecture, inclusive of landscape and infrastructure 

+ brings new materiality, performance, and beauty to the built environment


architecture is not [only] an object but a process, not [only] a thing but a flow,                   not [only] an abstract idea but a lived thought }

adapted from Iain Borden, Skateboarding, Space and The City