drip | dry : systems that seep

[ branner fellowship | ucb 2010 ]

This research explores buildings and systems that catch, convey, store, and filter water through basic hydrologic principles.  These systems also have direct cultural or social significance, through bathing, washing, ritual, and agriculture.

+  Upper Urubamba River Valley: Terraces

+  The Nazca Desert: Puquios

+  Mid-Atlantic Ridge Rift: Baths and Boreholes

+  Balinese Fluvio-Volcanic Slopes: Subaks

+  Yamashiro Valley Basin: Water Routes

+  Sri Lankan Leeward Slopes: Tanks

+  Indo-Gangetic Plain: Stepwells

+  Aegean Sea to the Bosphorus: Cisterns

+  Jordanian Steppe: Wadi Spring Oases

+  Adriatic Lagoon: Campi Sand Filters

+  Seine River Tributaries: Washhouses

+  Andalusian Plain: Gutter-scape

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