pampas onduladas : aqua center + sand filter

The Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires is heavily polluted after years of heavy industry and agriculture in the watershed. The premise of this project is to treat the river water and provide aquatic programming for the community in La Boca. 

The primary interest of this project is the transition between landscape and architecture through a single tectonic. The Argentine pampas and block densities within La Boca inform a site strategy of scalar, volumetric transition. 

An undulating, embedded plinth of faceted, contiguous volume is calibrated to support a range of interior water-based functions, from water filtration, to Phase I Olympic swimming, to Phase II hydroponic farming. The volume is based on interior programmatic functions: filtering, growing, swimming, boating. The material systems are based on surface slope and medium, while also related to pedestrian access, rainwater percolation, and light. Volume and surface are interdependent and responsive. The focus of the project became the modulation and articulation of simultaneous and accessible 'grounds', an under-ground, at-grade ground, and roof-ground. 


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