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{ on cool and mysterious stuff...what it is and where it came from and how it got there }


04.20.2012 spoons at ocean beach

04.20.2012 FOUND on ocean beach [37°44′16.77″N 122°30′28.06″W]



FOUND at low tide, where Vicente Street meets the Pacific
corroded, pitted, patina-ed
tea spoon has brownish pink patina
soup spoon has dark magenta, teal, and copper's classic verdigris
who knows their metal alloys? please weigh in

maybe one spoon is from the King Philip and the other from the Reporter?
two vessels caught in the breakers and ran aground at ocean beach, 1878 and 1902
a super fast bark and a lumber-laden schooner
both with troubled, cursed pasts of mutinies and fires and fridays and black cats
beached side-by-side, almost 24 years apart
completely buried in the sand in 1910 by the grading for SF's Great Highway
the King Philip sporadically revealed as the sands shift around—last seen in 2011
could this be the cutlery of the cutlery of Capt. Keller and Capt. Hansen?
buried treasure for sure